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We have helped hundreds of students improve their ACT scores with our personalized, low-pressure approach. Each course includes

Diagnostic Test & Review

What Makes a Practice Test into a Diagnostic Test?

Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent.

A diagnostic test focuses on the content areas students need to improve, and identifying which questions are slowing them down. Our online diagnostic tests track the time you spend on each question, so we can target strategies that work better for you. After you are done, we will call for a debriefing - to talk about your experience taking the test, how you felt you did, and go over your scores and individual answers. Then, we assign your instructor based on your results, feedback, and learning style.

Before the debriefing, we analyze your practice test to identify strengths, find areas to quickly improve, and highlight which types of questions are slowing you down. We also focus on pacing - how much time you spend on each question, and which order you answer them. Spending two minutes on a question you get right can hurt your score too, especially if you are not finishing the entire section in the time allotted.

Your program includes two full-length practice tests not available to the public, plus scoring algorithms for every Official ACT Practice Test. It might be tempting to take two or three practice tests in a row, but it is a good idea to work on your skills after each practice test.

Practicing basketball without a coach will not significantly improve your basketball skills. Preparing for the ACT is no different. Our instructors are each part teacher, part coach. They will work with you on test taking skills between each practice test, focusing on the strategies and areas that benefit you the most. When your scores go up, you will know why, and how to improve them more.

Personalized Instruction

We use the results of your practice test to plan out ten amazing hours of instruction, guided practice, and review. Your instructor will start each lesson knowing how you did on your exercises and quizzes and be ready to teach you strategies to improve your score.

Each of our courses includes 10 hours of private, 1-to-1 instruction with a friendly and knowledgeable instructor. More prep is always better, but ten hours is enough to train most students to use our strategies and pacing techniques. Students find they can continue improving their scores after our course, using the tools and curriculum we provide, with one or two additional lessons to get help with a tricky concept.

Our online learning experience goes beyond a video call. Our web-based classroom includes an interactive whiteboard, formula editor, image library, and much more, to help students connect with their instructors in the most authentic way possible.

Our online campus stores all your materials in one place. No more giant red books to lug around, no more forgotten homework or lost assignments. Our campus also allows you to track your progress through your course and communicate with your instructor between sessions.


We partner with curriculum providers who continuously update their lessons and exercises to match changes in the test. Our practice tests are more current than the official tests released by the ACT. One recent change we have noticed is questions that rely on Common Core Standards to find the correct answer. If you are not familiar with Common Core, it can be difficult to interpret and answer these questions.

Different types of students will benefit from different curriculum choices. We work with several curriculum partners to make sure we have the best choice for each student.

Your curriculum is licensed for one year from the start of your course, so you can continue to use it even after we are done with ten lessons. If you are interested in an extended license for your curriculum, we can arrange one for a nominal fee through our partnerships.

Your time is valuable. We will not assign endless homework drills on stuff you already know. We will assign focused practice sets that match your learning style, and target areas where you can make the greatest improvements in your score in the least amount of time.

Extra Practice Times Infinity

Just because your course is over does not mean you are done preparing. Continue taking practice tests to stay sharp until test day. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter with examples and hints for unusual questions. Ask your instructor to assign custom quizzes. You will never run out of material to prepare when you sign up for Academy ACT.

About the ACT Test

Purpose of ACT

The ACT is a standardized test, which means it is given to lots of students across the country, with a uniform way of measuring their achievement or attainment. Colleges use tests like the ACT to help identify students with strong academic backgrounds and critical thinking skills.

More colleges accept the ACT than any other admissions test. It is taken by more students than any other admissions test in the United States. Many universities offer merit-based scholarships for students with good GPAs and top ACT scores. We recommend every college-bound student take the ACT at least once.


The ACT includes five sections, covering English, Math, Reading, Science, and Essay Writing.


Each section of the test is scored on a scale from 1 to 36. Your composite score is the average of these four section scores. A scaled score is used to make it easier to compare scores from different versions of the test.

There is no guessing penalty on the ACT, meaning you will not lose more points if you get a question wrong instead of just leaving it blank. This means you should answer every question on the ACT, guessing when you are not sure.

The optional Writing section (Essay) is graded on a scale from 2 to 12. This overall score is broken down into four sub-scores:


When you register for the ACT, you can pick up to four schools or institutions to send your scores to. You can also pay a small fee to have official score reports sent after you receive your scores. If you have taken the test multiple times, you can specify which results to send when you order additional test results. Scores are generally available 4 – 8 weeks after the test date.

If you take the test multiple times, many colleges will consider your Superscore. This is the combination of the best section scores from your different tests into a single composite. So if you had a bad day on the math test the first time you took it, but didn’t do quite as well on English the second time, most colleges will take the best of each. ACT supports Superscores and sends this information along with individual results to colleges.

Satisfied Customers

I worked with Academy for around 4 months on the Math section of the ACT. During that time, my tutor was flexible to fit with my busy schedule and spent time outside of our lessons reviewing my tests and figuring out how to help me next. After 4 months I raised my ACT 3 points overall and raised my math 6 points. All thanks to Academy’s commitment to helping me reach my goals!

Aden T, November 2019

I raised my ACT score by 4 points with just the tutoring alone. My math section increased 6 points and my reading section by 3. I am planning to take the ACT again, but I’m going to schedule a tutoring session when I’m faced with a subject that I have difficulty with. Academy let’s me schedule my own lessons that work with my school activities. I would recommend them to anyone who’s trying to raise their test scores quickly.

Jacqueline R, February 2019

My older son started with Academy after another prep program failed to improve his score after three months. He worked with John to improve his ACT scores enough to earn a Presidential Scholarship at LSU, which covers all of his costs. I did not hesitate to enroll my second son with Academy, with even better results, including a perfect score on the Math section and a 35 composite.

David B, September 2017